Aladdin is the crown prince of the Fire Nation and the Avatar.

Aladdin at about the time he was found to be the avatar

About him

Avatar Aladdin is the son of the rulers of the Fire Nation, Firelord Cassim and Firelady Esmeralda. He was discovered to be the avatar at age 16. Trained by his mother as a firebender from early childhood, he was trained in the other elements by several other masters. He is romantically involved with Jasmine, his beautiful childhood best friend, who, like him, is also a firebender. His two most recent past lives are Avatar Elsa of the Northern Water Tribe and Avatar Mulan of the Earth Kingdom. His next life is Avatar Peter of the Air Nomads. When he returned home after twelve years of training, he had grown a full beard, similar to the one worn by his father. His maternal grandparents are Merlin and Sarai, while his paternal uncle and aunt are Jafar and Maleficent. His paternal grandparents are the late Firelord Sharaman and Firelady Talia.


  • Firebending- Esmeralda
  • Airbending- Wendy
  • Waterbending- Triton
  • Earthbending- Moliere